Friday, September 25, 2009

Aneka Macam Tamiya

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These exciting Mini 4WD PRO machines each features a dual-shaft motor that drives both the front and rear wheels for optimum power transmission efficiency. With a battery and motor layout that emphasizes good balance, the chassis is a perfect base to install the wide range of available performance-enhancing Grade-Up Parts. Two R6/AA/UM3 batteries are separately required.
■ITEM 18601
Nitro Thunder Blue (Finished Model)
■ITEM 18602
Nitro Force Green (Finished Model)
■ITEM 18603
Nitro Thunder Yellow (Finished Model)
■ITEM 18604
Nitro Force Red (Finished Model)
■ITEM 18605
Nitro Thunder Black (Finished Model)
■ITEM 18606
Nitro Force Silver (Finished Model)
■ITEM 18607
Nitro Thunder
■ITEM 18608
Nitro Force
■ITEM 18609
■ITEM 18610
■ITEM 18611
■ITEM 18612
■ITEM 18613
TRF-Racer Jr.
■ITEM 18614
Avante Mk.II
■ITEM 18615
Manta Ray Mk.II
■ITEM 18616
Avante X
■ITEM 18617
Neo Falcon
■ITEM 18618
Keen Hawk Jr.
■ITEM 18619
Nitrage Jr.
■ITEM 18620
Thunder Shot Mk.II
■ITEM 18621
■ITEM 18622
■ITEM 18623
Savanna Leo
■ITEM 18624
Hotshot Jr.
(MS Chassis)
■ITEM 18625
Dash-1 Emperor
(MS Chassis)


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